SONY DSCRight now, I’m writing my first novel, The Midnight Thief. It’s a multigenerational tale about a father and daughter who have to learn their lessons the hard way. They have to sift through lies and truth to find the answers about the people they know and the places they search for. In Part One, twelve-year-old Joe witnesses many deaths, accidental and sometimes not, on a regular basis. Years later, in order to save his daughter Blue from the same fate, he crosses the river to escape his family and the life that awaits him in the dark woods at the end of Dusty Alley. Even though Joe tried to shelter his daughter from heartache and hardship, his daughter Blue has to face her own familial tragedy. Blue runs from those she no longer trusts and she finds herself following in her father’s footsteps, all the way back to his hometown, Whispering Hills, where ghosts are prevalent and secrets are revealed.


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