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AP Highlight in History:
On March 28, 1979, a partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor at the Three Mile Island plant near Middletown, Pa., released a small amount of radiation, but caused no serious injuries. It was America’s worst commercial nuclear accident.

My friend Renee Young DeCamillas came up with the idea to write a piece of flash fiction every Friday. It turned out to work well for my own writing, so I figured it could work for you too.

Take a few minutes and write a piece of flash fiction about the picture above and/or the little piece of history.

Sometimes our writerly brains need a little bit of time at the end of each week to write for fun. Have a good time. Don’t worry where your writing takes you. Dare to be free.

In the comments section, if you so choose, paste in a line or a paragraph. Then paste the entire piece on your blog. (Please let readers know if you are including your flash on your blog, so others can go read it.)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ghostly Desires



Scene: In A Midnight Thief, a new character has been introduced, Dean. He’s a teenage ghost.

The Problem: Dean wants to leave this earthly plane but needs forgiveness in order to pass on to the next realm.

Fortunately, his victims, Blue and Dolly, don’t know who he is since he was a grown man when he attacked them, and they don’t know the boy standing in front of them is a ghost.

Dean needs the girls to stay until nightfall, a time when he can reveal himself to them. But once he reveals himself, they will most likely be frightened because he hurt them so badly. Dean has to find a way to convince them to forgive him at a time when their wounds are still fresh.

Will Dean be able to convince the girls to forgive him?

Will Blue and Dolly see past his earthy desires and find forgiveness?

Will they all be able to part ways peacefully?

Oh… and there is a loaded gun in play.