Flash Friday: On this day in 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated


Where were you when the news broke that Martin Luther King, Jr. had been shot? Were you home baking cookies? Were you getting off your shift at the plant? Or were you running home from a friend’s house so you’d make it in time for dinner?

So many of the traumatic events in our histories have been seared into our minds. Most of us can still feel shards of our own events that will forever be embedded in us.

Do you remember where you were standing when the Towers came down?

Do you remember the first thing you looked at after news of a loved one’s death washed over your ears?

Do you remember who you were with when Kennedy was shot?


How about Lennon?


Bin Laden? Saddam Hussein?

What if some event in our life never actually happened, but you knew it was should have? Would you be better off knowing what was supposed to be? How would your world be different if history was rewritten?

What if Martin Luther King, Jr. had never been never shot? Where would we, as a country– as a world, be today? How has his death affected the society we live in today– not his life but his death?

Writing Prompt: Pick a traumatic event that you experienced full on. Write a piece of flash fiction based on the event never actually happening but knowing it was supposed to happen.

Post a line and link to your story in the comments section below if you’d like. I’d love to read them.


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