Can I make it as a writer?

Can I do this? Am I able to pull off being a writer? Do I have what it takes?

A couple of weeks ago, I graduated from Stonecoast’s MFA program that consistently held me accountable for two years. There was always a deadline, always work to be completed, always someone waiting for something.

            Now— No one watches over me. No one tells me when my words don’t make sense. No one will write “Wow!” or “Slow down” on my manuscript. No one, except me.

            Now, I have to do this all on my own. In the past, I haven’t been great at keeping up with the activities I enjoy when I am the only one who’s watching. Taking running for example. I love to run. I love how my body and mind feel when I’m out there on the road, and I never regret a run. I’ve always wanted to be a real runner, someone who races and doesn’t come in last or someone whose name doesn’t appear on the walker’s list in the Lewiston Sun Journal. Even though I want to be a real runner, there’s something stopping me. Is it just me? I guess since I’m the only one involved. So how can I make it as a runner? How can I make it as a writer? The simple answer— “Just do it.” The difficult answer— the know-how is out there somewhere; I just haven’t found it yet.


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